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    PET Bottle Flakes Pelletizing Line
    PET Flakes Pelletizing Line ThisseriesofextrudersarespeciallydesignedforPETbottlesflakes. Withgoodperformancehigh and stableoutputlesspowerconsumptioncostperkilogramandeasytooperate. This machine can carry out ideal viscosity of PET with
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    Features of PET flakes granulator: 

    This series of extruders are specially designed for PET bottles flakes. With good performance, high and stable output, less power consumption cost per kilogram,and easy to operate.
    This machine can carry out ideal viscosity of PET without complicated precrystallization dryer system.Only a bit IV will be reduced.It can improve IV in the condition of adding some suitable additive.

    Quick Detail:

    No need pre crystallization and dry
    Material of screw: W6Mo5Cr4V2,Bimetallic W6Mo5Cr4V2
    High-performance degassing
    See machine running when come to our factory
    Engineer supply when you buy the machine
    Design machine according to your material
    One year guarantee but offer all life after sales service

    Applications fields of PET flakes granulator: 

    PET flakes pelletzing line is applied in PET waste flakes which is washed.
    Through extrusion, cutting and dry process, the waste bottle will become to be pellets. 
    The pellets are widely used in plastic industry,like sheet, and profile production.
    From feeding system to final products, we can design and work out a complete system tosatisfy all of your production requirements. 
    We will provide you with a pelletizing system in good quality and price as per your requirements.

    Specifications of PET flakes granulator:

     Technical parameter of SHJ series co-rotating twin-screw extruder(normal)

    Model SHJ-50 SHJ-65 SHJ-72 SHJ-92
    Screw diameter(mm) 50.5 62.4 71.2 91
    Mainmotor power(kw) 37 55 110 250
    Capacity(kg/h) 80-120 200-250 300-400 500-800
    Competitive Advantage:
    Skillful manufacture
    Sophisticated technology
    Finely processed
    Latest technology
    Professional design
    Rational construction
    Durable in use,excellent quality
    Dependable performanc
    Extremely easy operation
    Selling well all over the world
    Efficient melt filter systems
    Excellent technical engineer team

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