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    Conical Twin Screw Extruder
    PVC double pipe production line is developed for high output of double pipe extrusion. The main machine is SJSZ51/105 or SJSZ65/132 conical double screw extruder which is equipped with double-tube single-control stainless steel spraying sh
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      SJSZ series conical twin-screw extruder has advantages such as forced extruding, high quality, wide adaptability, long working life, low shearing speed, hard decomposition, good compounding &plasticization, and direct shaping of powder material and etc. This extruder is equipped with AC motor, auto temperature controller, vacuum exhausting device etc. This production line is suitable for production of plastic pipe, plate and profile and etc. main features:

    1.Frequency conversion timing.

    2.Hard-toothed Gearbox

    3.Material of the screw and barrel is 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen treatment, screw is  designed especially for rigid PVC profile.

    4.Screw adopts frequency conversion timing, Inverter is brand of ABB.

    5.Cast-aluminum heating coil, barrel is fan cooling.

    6.Vacuum degassing designed

    7.Fixed quantity feeding device, frequency conversion timing, ABB inverter.

    8.Stainless hopper, side glass, with cover.

    9.Concourse chip(inside is chrome plating ) is equipped on the extruder head, pressure sensor device is also equipped with.

    10.Electric control cabinet: Contactor is brand of Siemens, temperature controller is brand of RKC(8 pcs), inverter is brand of ABB, current meter and voltage meter are digital display type, electrical outlet.

    Model SJSZ-45 SJSZ-51 SJSZ-65 SJSZ-80 SJSZ-92
    Screw diameter(mm) 45/90 51/105 65/132 80/156 92/188
    Rotation speed(rpm) 45 45 45 34.7 34.7
    Main motor(kw) 15 18.5 37 55 110
    Main motor(kw) 80 120 250 400 750
    Center height(mm) 1000 1000 1000 1100 1200
    Net weight(kg) 2500 3000 4000 5500 8000
    Dimensions(m) 3.3*1.2*2.1 3.6*1.1*2.1 4.2*1.5*2.4 4.7*1.5*2.4 6*1.6*2.5

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